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Triangle Petroleum (TPLM)

Timeframe:5 Days Target Price: $13.00

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GameStop (GME)

Timeframe:valueTarget Price: $57.70

Triangle Petroleum (TPLM)

Timeframe:5 DaysTarget Price: $13.00

Sprott Resource Corp. (SCP.TO)

Timeframe:valueTarget Price: $3.50

Ambassadors Group Inc. (EPAX)

Timeframe:valueTarget Price: $10.00

Atlas Air Worldwide (AAWW)

Timeframe:valueTarget Price: $43.50


People have been asking me over the past few weeks what my views are on the Twitter IPO (NYSE: TWTR) as well as my view on Twitter as a general business. As a company, it presents an extremely powerful platform to share any information with any person in a completely open format in an instant. No other platform is designed to have such a broad-reaching and instantaneous presence, which creates immense possibilities and business potential. However, in terms of valuation/profitability, I had no real opinion on the stock as I had not really dug into the numbers…until now.

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