• Interactive Buyside ("IB") Overview
      • IB is a platform connecting a community of analysts writing research reports to a community of investors accessing these reports
      • Authors of the IB reports (i.e., "IB Analysts") have years of experience working at hedge funds, banks, and other investment-oriented institutions
      • IB reports will contain investment recommendations and analysis on certain stocks, with catalyst-oriented timeframes for the investment thesis to play out
      • Individual investors (i.e., "IB Investors") can access any and all reports for free
      • Investors: Sign up now and access all reports!
  • The IB Analyst
      • If you have experience analyzing investment ideas or simply working in the finance/investment industry, then create your Analyst profile and submit research on compelling equity investment ideas
      • Take advantage of the benefits in becoming an IB Analyst, including:
        • Exposure to other funds and investment professionals
        • Work at a small/mid-size fund? Share your ideas as an opportunity to market your fund
        • Talk up your book
        • Communicate with others on the IB platform through our IB messaging system
  • The IB Investor
      • Whether you're a novice, intermediate, or professional investor - you can benefit from accessing our IB reports
      • Sign up as an Investor and get full access to all of IB's report content
      • Take advantage of the benefits in becoming an IB Investor, including:
        • Access to quality one-stop-shop research
        • Message IB Analysts with questions or comments on any reports
        • Use IB as a way to check for news, stock price performance, and other information relating to companies covered by our Analysts
  • The IB Mission Statement
    • Interactive Buyside's Mission

      "IB" is a platform dedicated to breaking down financial barriers and providing value-add investment services to the every day investor. IB is designed to diminish the competitive advantage that Wall Street banks and large institutions have over the individual investor, and provide investment ideas that are compelling and actionable.

      IB offers in-depth, comprehensive equity research of public companies across various industries with identified and compelling catalysts on the horizon. Individual investors go to IB for quality and detailed research on investments that are:

      1. Actionable
      2. In-Depth
      3. Proprietary

      Each IB Report is written by a member of the IB Analyst community with the goal to help the individual investor generate alpha at specific points in time.

      The Wall Street Competitive Advantage

      Individual investors have been disadvantaged too long in the investing world when compared to larger firms that are "in-the-know". Banks, hedge funds, mutual funds, and other institutional investors get continual access to:

      1. Important market-moving news as soon as it hits the tape
      2. Company CFOs, CEOs and other contacts, at the drop of the hat
      3. Wall Street research
      4. Each other! (Street rumors, upcoming catalysts, etc.)

      The typical information available to the average individual investor is information from either blogs, low-quality brokerage research, or other random news articles. IB's goal is to tear down these institutional barriers and give individual investors access to compelling research opportunities.

  • More IB Detail
    • IB Research Reports


      Each IB Report is written by a member of the IB Analyst community. Each analyst typically has years of "buyside" and/or "sellside" experience under his or her belt, and maintains an easily accessible IB Analyst bio for review. Every report contains a content-rich amount of information on a company that (most likely) has an identifiable catalyst on the horizon (whether it be 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, etc.). Information of any specific investment that can be found within each report include:

      1. Trade recommendation ("buy"/"sell"), along with upcoming and identified catalyst(s)
      2. Company overview
      3. Company valuation
      4. Market overview
      5. Investment highlights
      6. Financial analysis

      An IB Report is meant to be a "one-stop-shop" to enable YOU, the individual investor, to gain fundamental knowledge on an investment, a timeframe of the investment, and a recommendation (buy or sell) by a seasoned investor. Each IB Report is designed to supply the investor with all the information needed to make a sound investment decision.

      Benefits for Investors in Signing Up

      Professional Research

      Once you create an account, you are entitled to browse through our entire library of IB research for free. Browse via ticker symbol, catalyst date, or analyst name. Each report has details about the company's business, its industry, its financial health, its valuation stats, and (most importantly) the investment thesis. This is the first time research and analysis of this quality is available to the general public. Time to research and invest like the pros.

      Message the Analyst

      Once you create your IB account, you are free to message any analyst. Reach out and communicate with the analyst! Form a relationship that will develop into further idea generation. Find out when the analyst you like is publishing his or her next report. You might even be interested in working for or with an analyst (or an analyst's employer) -- shoot over your resume and see where it takes you! IB encourages open dialogue and communication on the IB platform.

      Rate the Analyst

      Love the report? Hate the report? IB wants high quality reports written at ALL TIMES, which is why we encourage all investors to rate the reports they unlock. You want to know the quality of the report, and we get that.

      Real-Time Notifications

      Sign up to get emailed notifications about different reports published or IB partnerships formed or IB's Weekly Thought. Get real-time content at your fingertips and never miss out on a potentially compelling investment.

      Becoming an IB Analyst

      We at IB encourage all individuals who have a fundamental knowledge of investing and a background in finance to write IB reports on any type of public company. We encourage the investment to have a specific catalyst timeline (a "path-to-payday" if you will), so that we can fit the investment in one of the following 6 categories:

      • i)7
      • ii)30
      • iii)6
      • iv)6-12
      • v)Secular
      • vi)Value

      The IB template is easily accessible on our site, which is very basic and which should be used as a framework to write your report. We know that a lot of time not all the information an investor may have at his or her disposal can be categorized within the IB template, so we obviously encourage you to include all supplementary detail and analysis when submitting your report. Your report will be reviewed by IB management, and will either be posted on the platform in a timely manner, or we will come back to you with some changes/tweaks. Our goal is to make your translation of knowledge onto paper as seamless as possible so that you may achieve the financial and professional benefits of the IB platform as fast and as powerful as possible.

      Benefits in Becoming an IB Analyst

      Personal & Professional Exposure

      Become known within the IB community! The higher quality research you write, the more of a following you will get. The more of a following means there are tremendous amounts of eager investors out there waiting to purchase your next report. In addition, reports will be read by your peers as well at other financial firms. Peek their interest. Make them want to work with you, share ideas with you, hire you, or potentially partner with you! Get your name out there and prosper financially and professionally.

      Firm Exposure & Marketing

      Analysts can choose to publish their reports anonymously, however IB encourages analysts to publish their firm name on each research report. There are thousands of small and medium sized investment funds out there, and fund managers need to make it a priority to market their firm name, strategy, and investment ideas. Use the IB platform to share with the rest of the investment community what investments you like and what you don't like. Let people know how you think, so they can better understand how your fund operates.

      Talk Up Your Book

      Once an analyst puts a trade or investment on, then why not share the idea with the investment community. Talk up your book! Give others the knowledge you were able to gain with your hard work, get paid for it, and watch people follow in your footsteps. Letting others know about a trade after your position has been put on can only help your investment.

      Communication with Peers

      Browse other analysts' work. See how others think and shoot them a message. Build your relationships within the buyside or sellside community. Expand your professional network and share more investment ideas with others as knowledgeable as you.

      Join the Select Few

      We do not expect to publish most research submitted on the IB platform. We are very select in terms of quality and structure of each report submitted. Our analyst community includes some of the most elite investors across the world, and we like to keep them in good company. Submit your idea, see if you get published, and show off your elite analysis to the world.